Thursday, Oct. 28, 2004 - 2:59 PM

I just realized that since VirtualAve sold out and became as unto a Corporate Whore, there's no photo gallery in here. So here we go:


Me, right before I cut my hair, some time last year. In our horrible floral kitchen. "It reminds me of Monet!" says my mother. It reminds me of the time our cat barfed on the carpet when I was 5.

The proof of my grad pic. I'm wearing the University of Toronto's Victoria College furs and robes and everything. This is 2003.

THIS is a bunch of old highschool friends, a Christmas party from a few years back. I'm the person way at the back, in black and red. My left arm is around Rick, my boyfriend (in blue), my right arm is leaning on Felix, who could have been a boyfriend but wasn't, just before university started. Chriss is immediately to his right, the one with the floral shirt and the tilted head. You can tell we're best friends- we're the only ones with Christmas tinsle in our hair. Jamie is right next to her, and a sweeter, more honest person you will never meet. I miss Jay a lot. Andrew, one of the guiding influences in my senior highschool year, is the guy sitting on the ground in front of Rick, with the grey shirt.


This is Rick and I on our way to Barrie, a couple of years ago.

A serious, sexy pic of R when we went out for lunch at Plantation, some time in 2001 or 2002, probably. It's rare to catch him this serious-looking -- we're both pretty goofy people now.


Mum, R and I at Christmas, probably last year. Note how none of us are photogenic.


My Dad, being hugged by my godfather, with his head cut off by the lamp.

Close Friends

My two best girly-mates, Michelle and Chriss. On route to highschool reunion.

Chriss and I, getting ready for the last night Sanctuary was open. I miss goth clubs.


Nibbley-cat. Nibbler belongs to Rick and I, and stays at his place. For Nibbler's own private photo gallery, go here.

Bird's a little camera-shy, he seems to think we're trying to shoot him or something. Which isn't fair, because it's not like I've even bought a gun yet. He's still pretty anti-social, a flying, tweeting argument against the Humane Society. He lives with my parents and me (when I'm there.)

So that's our bunch, and now you can put faces to horrible, disparaging comments, I mean names. :)

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